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Entries Must Be Submitted Before 11:59PM EST, Sunday (4/16):

Idea Pitch Submission: Competitors will submit their idea pitches before 11:59PM EST, Sunday (4/16) to enter the IEC

Business Proposal: A good proposal should describe the business idea effectively. Competitors will need to describe the problem they are solving, identify the target market, articulate the revenue model, analyze the business’ competition, and describe the steps and resources needed to start your operation.

Idea Pitch Evaluation: Judges will evaluate the idea pitches and select the contestants with the most innovative proposals to move to the final round. The results will be announced before Sunday, 4/23. 


Announcement of Finalists: IEC will hold business pitch presentations between 4/30-5/7. Each team or contestant will be given 30 minutes to present their business idea and plan in front of the judging panel, followed by a 10-min Q/A session. Presentations will be made via Zoom.

Business Plan Submission: The finalists will submit their business plans. The submission deadline will be communicated to them well in advance.

Final Round Presentations: The finalists will present their business plans in front of a panel of judges. The presentations will be evaluated based on the clarity of the business plan, feasibility, innovation, and market potential.

Business Plan Evaluation: Judges will evaluate the business plans and quality of the presentations and select the teams or contestants with the top pitches as the winners of the competition!


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