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About the Competition

Where creativity, innovation, and collaboration meet some friendly, international competition. 

What is the IEC?

The International Entrepreneurship Competition (IEC) is an annual event that brings together students from around the world to work together on a real-world business problem. The competition encompasses information, insight, training, and tools necessary for anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit, particularly students majoring in Business, to start their journey.

Each year, the competition focuses on a different business challenge. Students or aspiring entrepreneurs form teams and work together to develop a business plan that addresses the challenge. Throughout the competition, contestants receive guidance and support from faculty members and mentors from all universities and institutions involved.

Participants of the IEC will have exposure to the latest tools that are used in today’s business world. At the end of the competition, teams will be able to incorporate tools in relation to digital marketing, data analytics, lead generation, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, and automation to their online presence. 

How does it work?

The competition is divided into two phases: a preliminary round and a final round. In the preliminary round, aspiring entrepreneurs and student teams compete against each other to determine who will advance to the final round. The final round brings together all contestants to compete for the grand prize.

Why Should I Participate?

Participating in the Shih Chien International Entrepreneurship Competition offers many benefits for participants:

Growing Entrepreneurial Skills

Gain hands-on experience in entrepreneurship and learn how to develop a business plan from ideation to implementation.

Cross-Cultural Collaboration

Work with peers from a different country and culture, developing  intercultural communication, collaboration skills, and international business practices.

International Networking

Connect with mentors, faculty members,  students, and early stage entrepreneurs from across the globe to build an international, professional network.


10 deserving aspiring entrepreneurs or teams will be awarded a FREE business website, expert business guidance, and consultancy services from creative agency, W.D. Strategies to make their startups come to life.

How can I join the contest? 

You can get involved in the International Entrepreneurship Competition by registering for the competition. If you're a faculty member or mentor, you can get involved by offering guidance and support to contestants.

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